'3D Studio Max'

'Making Of 'Steam Traveler'
by Andrew Averkin

steam travler train andrew averkin final render

Software Used :

3ds Max, Photoshop, Digital Fusion

Introduction :

Hello guys!

I hope that everyone is in an amazing mood and has smiles on their faces and if not, I will try to make you smile. Big thank to everyone who supported me on the forums and thank you for reading this article!
I recently finished my new work “Steam Traveler” and I will now tell you and even show how I did this project. I hope it will be funny, interestingly and, most importantly, useful.

Concept & Idea :

It’s very, very strange, but for some reason I knew before I started that I was going to do a train – it was kind of like déjà vu. A few months back, I was with my friends at an old plant near a railway, in search of industrial pictures and maybe some new ideas. A not so great situation happened at the plant - we met a covey of large street dogs. Well,
no, not really – the covey of large street dogs met us. These dogs had strayed onto the factory site in search of food and their hungry look obviously told us, “Boys, it is time to sit down on a boat and cast off!”

The look on my friends’ faces reminded me of the look of fresh chicken, which is going to be prepared for the New Year table. Strange, but it’s in exactly those kind of extreme situations that new potential and new possibilities are discovered. I learned that I was better than Spiderman at jumping out of broken windows and climbing through a two meter brick wall, which I would never have been able to climb over. I was luckier than some of my friends and even had the time to take a couple of pictures of quite a good training, which was passing near the factory.

This event is possibly what pushed me to bring this work to life, but one thing the experience definitely taught me is that you need to wear armor when you enter the industrial world! My biggest regret was that the pictures I took weren’t really enough. Here are a couple of pictures of some interesting industrial themes (Fig.01 – Fig.03).

steam travler train andrew averkin refrence


steam travler train andrew averkin refrence

steam travler train andrew averkin refrence

Because I hadn’t managed to take enough pictures myself, it became necessary to search for new material and new ideas on the internet.

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