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Making of 'Ran Out of Money' - Using Total Textures

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Date Added: 30th July 2009
Software used:
Fig. 06

Fig. 07

For the reception room I wanted to create a space big enough for about 100 people, but small enough to maintain an intimate setting. I used a box to start and used an edit poly modifier to create the openings for the windows and doors. I chamfered the corners and added brickwork outside the windows with a sweep modifier (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

The roof support system I modeled after an image I saw on the Internet. I wanted to thin up the elements a little to match the scale of the room, while maintaining the look and feel of elements in the scene. I used a sweep modifier for the curved arch support, editable polys for the horizontal members and editable polys with a symmetry modifier for the vertical members (Fig.09).

Fig. 09


All of the textures in the scene were either custom made or came from the Total Textures collection. Since the theme of the rendering was "Ran out of Money" I needed to capture this using aged and stressed materials. I started with the floor, creating a rundown look with wear patterns and signs of aging. I combined a semi-worn wood floor pattern with a completely worn pattern using a custom mix map (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

For the brick wall I used multiple images from the Total Textures V02:R2 - Aged & Stressed DVD and combined them in Photoshop. I started with a base brick layer, adjusted the image for contrast and saturation, and then started to add signs of aging. Since the floor had a paint peeling and wear look, I wanted to mimic that on the brick wall. For this I used a peeling paint texture combined with a custom distribution map. I then added some stains to the wall using an overlay filter in Photoshop (Fig.11).

Fig. 11

For the walls and ceiling work I combined the maps in 3ds Max using the composite material. I created a base layer of the color I wanted and then added different dirt and aging maps, changing the filer and opacity setting to create a rundown look (Fig.12).

Fig. 12

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