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Making Of 'Bunny'

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Date Added: 29th June 2009
Software used:

I chose a blue-purple-pink colour scheme for the final render, so those were the colours I used for the maps. The body texture was hand painted - nothing fancy; the clothes were textured using textures from Total Textures: Volume 1 and details were painted using some custom brushes. I baked an occlusion pass for all of the textures and used them to colorize the final maps, and to add darker areas at the same time (Fig.09 & Fig.10). The hair was hand painted in Photoshop.

Fig. 09

Fig. 10

The materials were very simple (with a very messy shader network): the clothes used a blinn material with a very low specular value and no reflection, and the body used a MISSS_fast_simple (Fig.11). The scatter layers were painted using the body texture as a reference and colorized to a reddish-pink colour.

Fig. 11

Rigging & Posing

I used this character, along with another one I had, to learn the basics of character rigging in Maya more than a year ago. It was a long process involving several tutorials and getting help from the Internet. I rigged the two very different characters - a thin, cute bunny and a fat, ugly red devil - with the same system, and both worked very well (Fig.12). The face had just a few blend shapes due the limitation of the face topology, but the result was good enough for my purposes (Fig.13).

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Lighting & Rendering

The lighting setup consisted of one area light for the main character, two spotlights - one as a rim light and one for the background - and glowing planes for the reflections in the eyes. The scenario was just a curved plane. The still was rendered in Mental Ray with Final Gather turned on at 3000x4000 pixels. It took about four or five hours to finish. I made several poses, but the rest were rendered at 900x1200 due to time limitations (Fig.14 & Fig.15).

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

Post Production

I used Photoshop to add a warmer mood to the final image. First I adjusted the tone with a Curves Adjustment Layer and a Photo Filter and I then adjusted the overall levels slightly, to make the image brighter. I added a slight lens-blur using a depth pass from Maya, which made no real difference to the final render, but a big one to the high-res image. The final touch was one greyscale stock image over the full composition in two different blending modes, and a low opacity value to give a less clean look to the background (Fig.16). The same method was applied to the other five renders I made (Fig.17 & Fig.18).

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18


This is one of many of my dearest works; there are many things I learned from this single image, and of course a lot more things to come from it, I'm sure. The work done on this image involved lots of things I still use in my daily works, and the entire process was a lot of fun too (except, of course, when waiting for the renders!).

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Ashley O Castro Uriarte on Sat, 11 March 2017 8:34pm
great job can i use your rig for a animation i wanna do
Zahra on Sat, 07 May 2016 7:59am
hi, that's very beautiful , cute rabbit! may i download this character for use by myself ? if say yes, how ? if say No ... just say thanks for making this rabbit .
GameYan on Thu, 10 September 2015 7:33am
Wow, Really amazing work on the cartoon animation with detail information. I will definately try your cube concept.
Cycle on Wed, 17 April 2013 11:30am
Nice work how can i get it?
Roberto (Prehistor) on Sun, 29 April 2012 7:14am
Wow, I don't know how anyone comment on this tutorial but in my opinion is GREAT, we learn a lot with your tutorials Carlos, thank you, I am a fan of yours hehehe, you may notice it in my work it has a lot of your technique.
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