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Making Of 'Guitar At Construction Site'

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Date Added: 20th October 2009
Software used:

Fig. 13
Fig. 14
Fig. 15

And final result close up (Fig15, Fig16, Fig17, Fig18, Fig19, Fig20 and Fig21).

Fig. 16
Fig. 17
Fig. 18

Fig. 19
Fig. 20
Fig. 21


Mapping was another area where I didn't have any issues - Modo have very good tools that allow you to make a UV map quickly. Only some of the objects had to be unwrapped, others needed a simple box or planar mapping, and some didn't need any mapping at all.

For the environment, I used textures from (Fig22, Fig23, Fig24 and Fig25).

Fig. 22
Fig. 23

Fig. 24
Fig. 25

You can see how I made the texture for the concrete wall (Fig26).

Fig. 26

When I made the grill for the amplifier and cab, I used four pairs of textures, opacity and normal maps. This method allowed me to use several small tiled textures instead of one huge texture, while at the same time it still looks like a high resolution map (Fig27 and Fig28).

Fig. 27
Fig. 28

Here you can see other textures that were used (Fig29).

Fig. 29

Adjusting materials is pretty simple in Modo as it doesn't have tricks and fakes, such as VRay has. Combining
BSDF layers with different material properties is the only ruse I used. Glossy with rough gave an interesting effect,
but remember: more layers means more render time. These images show some of the materials that were used
(Fig30 and Fig31).

Fig. 30
Fig. 31

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