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Making Of 'Guitar At Construction Site'

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Date Added: 20th October 2009
Software used:


This is an old project that I started about a year ago and only finished recently, because my free time kept getting interrupted.


When I started this project, I didn't have an exact concept for what the final image would look like. I only had a rough vision in my mind; I knew that I wanted to put a guitar in an unsuitable place, where it could contrast with its environment, but that was about it. Starting a project without having a clear concept is not something I would recommend, but I'm used to it by now.

However, it did mean that I ended up making lots of different textures and models that I didn't use, but I don't see the time as wasted because it allowed me to develop my skills and my experience.

These are some of the images of construction sites that I found on Google and then used to make my environment. (Fig01, Fig02 and Fig03)

Fig. 01
Fig. 02

Fig. 03


I don't normally work a lot in Modo and this project gave me a good chance to improve my skills. So it was important
to me to make a very accurate model, even if not everything would be visible in the final image. I wanted to make sure that whatever position the camera was in, it wouldn't uncover parts of the model, or any objects, that were lacking in detail.

In terms of the guitar, the first thing I did was take photos of my own instrument, so that I could use them as references and a source for textures. Then I drew sketches of all the small details on the guitar and marked all the necessary measurements. It was pretty useful to be able to model my own guitar, because it was much easier then trying to find good reference photos on Google. However, I did end up taking the front view photo from the Ibanez website, because although it's not exactly my guitar, it's similar enough (Fig04, Fig05, Fig06, Fig07, Fig08 and Fig09).

Fig. 04
Fig. 05

Fig. 06
Fig. 07

Fig. 08
Fig. 09

I'm not going to go into much detail about the modelling process. Modelling in Modo is not too different from other similar software packages. I made many interim saves of the project in separate files, so that I can show the different stages of modelling (Fig10, Fig11, Fig12, Fig13 and Fig14).

Fig. 10
Fig. 11
Fig. 12

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