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Making Of 'Hansel & Gretel'

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Date Added: 7th July 2009
Software used:

Furthermore, I added more colors variations to the roofs tops, however I pay attention to keep them very desaturated so those colors tones can be blended easily into the rest of the illustration. (Fig13)

Fig. 13

More the image becomes complex, more it is important to keep a methodic thinking pattern to approach the colors. That is why I keep the diffuse color information in one folder called "color" and the lighting information in another separate folder called "lighting". This way, it becomes much simpler to consider which surfaces are directly hit by the light. Moreover, because of an organized approach, any needed modifications can be more efficiently achieved. For instance, I would be able to change any diffuse color without affecting the lighting information: it allows keeping the overall image consistent. In Figure 14, we can easily compare the difference between the "lighting" folder turned off and on. (Fig14)

Fig. 14

In order to populate the village, I have put the characters that I have sketched earlier into the image. I really appreciated my colleague Joel Viegas's inputs on the characters' poses. The different creatures really made the village coming alive. (Fig15 - 16) 

Fig. 15

Fig. 16

Finally, there were long hours of detailing all the elements within the painting, such as tightening the colors, rendering the proper materials, finding the right textures, etc. I also did lot of zooming in and out during this stage with the intention of keeping the overall balance of the painting in terms of color, level, and contrast. At this point, I had lot of layers accumulated during the process and it might well slow down the computer's performance. I usually duplicate the file and flatten the layers that I was satisfied with. If in any case, I would need the original separated layers, I always have the previous version safely saved in the project folder. (Fig 17-19)

Fig. 17

Fig. 18

Fig. 19 - click image to enlarge

I really enjoyed creating those complex and maze-looking structures; this is a design aspect that I am looking forward to explore in my future works. I hope this piece can create a sense of wonder for the viewers and bring back some enchanting moments that we had all experienced during our childhood.

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