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Making of 'Spray It'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
In Fig.06 and 07, I added different flat colours to the piece to give it more colour and contrast. For Fig.07 specifically, I used a texture image (a close up image of a piece of wood). I set these layers to overlay same as the layer I did with the colours of the figure. Now to wrap up the general colours I added a new layer and used a soft brush as well as a variety of thin hard brushes to pain the spraying effects, not only did I used the purple and red spray effects in the trail of spray in the air, I also added some of the purples and reds to the letters in the graffiti to show the spread of the paint sprayed out.

Fig. 06

Fig. 07

Now, most of the image and textures have been filled in. The general colours are done. However, I found that the whole image right now looks a bit dull and greyed out. So I flattened the image to do some image adjustments (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

So I want to turn up the saturation a bit first by going to image>adjustments>saturation to do that (Fig.09). After this I duplicated the flattened piece into 2 layers as seen in fig.12.

Fig. 09

Now I made both of these layers into layer mask and went to image>adjustments>curves. For one of the masked layer I pumped up the darkness of it with curves, for the other I made a bit lighter (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

Now you can just fill the masked layers with black and paint in all the areas you want to push darker or lighter! Finally, from this stage I start to do touch ups. Now is when I make a new layer and just start to paint over all the areas I want to alter to finish the illustration. At this point, I painted over many things, the figure, the graffiti, and the bars some of the texture, and I used a texture brush again to paint the thicker paint drops from the spraying. At this stage I actually decided that I want to paint in her legs too, this was actually a bad move, something that I neglected in the composition stage, so it was a bit of a hassle. I had to carefully paint it in to not let it interfere with the rest of the image. So after this is done, I once again did another image>adjustments>hue/saturation change (Fig.11) and levels to bring up the brightness of the image, and finish! (Fig.12 & Fig.13)

Fig. 11

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Final Image

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