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Making of 'Summon Infinity'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Pulling Everything Together

This is when the whole thing started to come together. I finished up the background on the lower half of the painting, as well as the lower hand and bowl, and started pulling the colours together better. The way I did this was by creating a new layer and lightly brushing a colour over an area, then lowering the opacity to almost nothing, and flattening it. By doing this over and over again, it created a very beautiful rich glow to the colours which unifies them and makes them seem rather other-worldly (Fig.07). I finished up the cloth around his legs using the same method as the skin, and then went over with some soft brushes. The blurred effects in the headdress were achieved by using a soft round brush with very low flow and medium opacity, then some parts were painted over again with a smaller soft brush with higher flow. This is a great way to create blurs by hand. 


Finishing Up

Just a few were then left now... I painted in the smoke and finished up the cloth in the foreground using the same blurring technique as before. I then made several very small alterations throughout the painting, tweaking little details to make the picture pop; a few more strands of beads here and there, and more prominent make-up on the figure's face, and I was done (Fig.08).


To see more by Lauren K. Cannon, check out Prime - The Definitive Digital Art Collection

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Nargess on Fri, 30 March 2012 7:03am
Thank you so much ! you know I'm living in a very far country,from CG ! no teacher , no great computers and wacoms,no good internet access and if so they are very expensive ! rough situation! but thank you ... you and other masters on internet are my only teachers to improve !! :X thank you internet !!
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