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Making of 'The Taming of Naas'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 3

I refine the original block in and start to work on the sky and the distant mountainous landscape. The balance between cool and warm colours is very important to give a slightly translucent effect to the clouds. Another important aspect to watch is that the clouds need to acquire volume and three-dimensionality, without losing their softness. You also have to remember all the reflection issues; the more a cloud is in the shade, the more it's going to be reflecting a cooler light from the sky, instead of the sun. Mountains here must show the depth of the background. The furthest ones need to be closer in value to the sky and clouds, whilst the middle range and closer ones must give a sense of solidity with darker values, without losing their depth and values in relation to the foreground and character (Fig03).

Step 4

In this phase, I work on the rock on which the dragon is standing, and I start adding details onto the dragon itself - particularly the head. At this point, it is the proper balance of darks and lights placed on the foreground elements, along with a good balance of warm and cool colours that are going to build the right volumes against the distant background. A lot of different things can affect the depth of elements in an image; fog, smoke, rain, snow and so on. As a general rule, the closer the elements are, the more saturated their colours will be and the greater the contrast between light and shadow will be (Fig04).

Fig. 03
Fig. 04

Step 5

Now I finish detailing the dragon, trying to push realism in the skin, scales, and so on (Fig05).

Step 6

I separate all elements in the image now as individual layers, to allow the maximum flexibility (Fig06).

Fig. 05
Fig. 06

Final Image

In the final image, I complete the woman floating before the dragon. It is a delicate part, as her dress has to feel soft and slightly transparent. I add the last touches of realism (like the smoke still coming out of the dragon's nose) and I make sure that everything is in balance between the landscape and the characters. At this point, you want to review the whole painting and make sure that all the colours and values are working together harmoniously. If you see some values too dark or colours too saturated in the background that fight with the readability of the character, it's time to knock them down! The same thing applies with the values or edges that may be too tame or not descriptive enough. The last look over your painting is about being as critical as you can be on your work. If an area has been really nicely worked, but in the end comes in the way of readability or clarity of the whole image - simplify it. Your final image is always about composition, stylisation, clarity and balance. Whether you paint digitally or traditionally, these principles apply in exactly the same way. The quality of a painting doesn't depend on what tools you use, but on how you use them.

Final Image

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