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Making of 'Peterbilt 379'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Materials of Objects - Basic Chrome

Some blurriness was added specially to the reflections on the chrome-plated surfaces; the objects were visually not lost in their own reflections and their form was easily readable.

Fig.46 - Basic chrome

Materials of Objects - Tyres

For the tyres I used 2 materials on the basis of the following adjustments:

258_tid_47.jpg 258_tid_48.jpg 258_tid_49.jpg
Fig.47 - Basic tyre material                                   Fig.48 - Bump map                                       Fig.49 - Displace map

Materials of Objects - Car Paint

This is my special secret! I will tell you simply that car paint consists of three layers, each having different parameters for Reflection and Refl. Glossiness.

Materials of Objects - Headlight Glass, Etc

To strengthen reflections, I put an Output map into the Reflection channel.

258_tid_50.jpg 258_tid_51.jpg
Fig.50 - Main light glass                                                               Fig.51 - Additional light glass

(Other materials were simple in their adjustments and do not therefore demand special descriptions.)


Besides the basic image I also rendered some other passes: VrayReflection and VraySpecular. These helped in the final processing stage of the image in Photoshop.

There were render adjustments which I used to render image at a size of about 3500 x 2600 pixels. Fortunately, I took great care of the optimisation of my render adjustments, because I usually rendered my work at night and so had the opportunity of the network rendering using several powerful machines!

Fig.52 - 54 - Render adjustments - Click to enlarge images

Post- Processing

(Unfortunately, my initial render passes were not kept, so I will simply show you the further actions on a picture rendered with another camera, but with the same adjustments.)

I opened up all the render passes from the renderings in Photoshop, collect them all in one file. On the bottom layer I kept the basic image with colour correction, brightness/contrast filters, etc. In general, what this does is creates a picture which is more natural-looking. Furthermore, there was a layer with reflections which helped to easily control the intensity of reflections, because adjusting them all directly in Max was difficult enough! Then there was a Vrayspecular layer, which I gave a Gaussian Blur filter and altered its Brightness/Contrast. There was one layer for an additional Glow effect, and the final two layers were added using the Overlay layer blending mode.

258_tid_55.jpg 258_tid_56.jpg
                Fig.55 - Layer 1 - Colour Correction                                     Fig.56 - Layer 2 - Opacity 4-8%, Blending mode: Normal

258_tid_57.jpg 258_tid_58.jpg
Fig.57 - Layer 3 - Gaussian Blur, Brightness/Contrast,                               Fig.58 - Layer 4 - Soft white Brush, Blending mode:
Blending mode: Overlay                                                                           Overlay, Opacity 10-20%

Here are final images received from the above direction (Fig.59 - 61).

Fig. 59

Fig. 60

Fig. 61

Finally, I wish to give many thanks to everyone who has assisted and supported me, and I hope this making of will be useful for some people. I wish you all many creative successes!

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Arturxd on Sun, 14 July 2013 8:38pm
where you found the blueprint of the Peterbilt?
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