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Making of “The Second Chance”

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Date Added: 6th July 2017


3D artist and architect Mohsen Hashemi offers a making of breakdown for his "The Second Chance" artwork...


"The Second Chance" was the first artwork that I created instinctively, with my feelings and mood guiding me. I didn't use any reference for the mood in this work I just let my instincts make the decisions, resulting in this hot and cold environment. I decided to try putting some contrasting elements together such as warm and cold light, black and white construction. Sometimes contradiction is great in art - it works here!


For modeling the structure, I used the Edit Poly function as always because it's the easiest way to model a detailed structure, and as you see all of the edges have chamfer because it's the best way to show a realistic material on an object.


I used many objects from different packs so I could have the most amount of detail in my scene. You should always consider the details, as detailed pictures are never boring and god is in the detail.



I always use the golden ratio for framing. Having a good framing, or composition, always help to produce a mesmerizing render. Good framing also helps to guide the eye towards the details in an image.


Color composition

It's a vital part of visualization that we consider the color scheme in our artwork. Jumping from a very hot color to a cold color may not always work, and we may need to adjust the color to make it softer. As you see in the picture I use this color scheme to provide a homely mood. In interior design, it's very important that you follow a scheme in your scene.


Light balance

It's important to reflect the feeling and mood of an artwork to the observer, and in this case I transferred the cold feelings that I received from outside of my life, to warm feelings that I always have inside. I used a simple lighting setup, which is the easiest way to control the lights to create a simple, fantastic result.


For the ambient light I use a HDRI from the VizPark pack that, with a little adjustment in exposure and color correction in Photoshop, I could achieve a lovely blue effect within the scene. For the interior I just used some corona light.




To achieve a peaceful feeling within this interior, between the hot and cold color theme, I had to use comfortable shaders and colors to enhance the homely effect. As you see I just used some simple materials, nothing too sophisticated. Sometimes people think that layered materials are the best way to make a nice shader, but here I show that the layers could be all in a layer with no sophistication.



Post production

I don't touch the settings at all and use the default setting for the final render. In post production, as you can see, I use some render element to make the shadows and highlights stronger, and also use Curves and Levels for more contrast and light balance to enhance the color effect in the mid-tones and highlights. Finally, with a high pass filter, I increase the sharpness on the image.






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