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Making of Mclaren MP412-C

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Date Added: 22nd July 2016

Step 03: Lighting

With everything modeled I could think about how I wanted to light the scene. This is a very important part of the process; I needed to set the mood of the scene so I went with making it very cinematic. I chose the environments from the Batman movies and games to use as reference. I wanted the character to have character and not be just a product.



Lighting references

I used a key light, back light, fill light, each with a V-Ray Softlight Map. I had a light in the wheels and two other lights in the side of surface panel to give a warm and cool glow. For the car reflect and Speculars I added a few lights and turned off the Diffuse option in V-Ray and positioned it so it reflected on to the camera. I also added lights to the headlamps and brake lights.


Lighting setup


Lighting for headlamps and brake lights

Step 04: Shaders

I used V-Ray Car Paint to shade the car; I tried my best to pay attention to the scale of the flecks and flakes of paint and did lots of tests to find the right result. I decreased the base reflection and base glossiness to give the look of a non-metallic paint. I also added some dirt maps to give it a more realistic look.

Car shader settings

I used V-Ray Blend Material to obtain two different kind of glossiness because in most of cases the glossiness changes when you change the angle of the camera (perpendicular / parallel). The more the camera is parallel to the object, in this case the floor, more gloss is reflected. In the BASE Material the reflected glossiness is 0.72 and in the COAT01 Material the reflect glossiness is 0.9. I added tires mark maps and some dirt maps to give the impression the floor is in use.

Environment shader settings

Step 05: Render Setting and Post-Production

The render setting are not complex, but I had to use a little bit more of my displacement setting be¬cause of the tire maps. I decreased the Edge Length to 2 and increase the Max Subdivide to 512. My final render is 4500px X 3000px, so it took a long time to render out (more or less about 8 hours and the others were 6 hours).

Render settings

Have a thing that I want to share with you, it´s about the glare effect of the brake lights. To do this effect I preferred to isolate the brake lights and make a render with the same size of my final render. I turned on the Bloom and Glare effect of V-Ray Frame Buffer and in the Glare I used a map for the streaks. Then I applied this render with a blend mode in Photoshop.

Lens effect settings

And with that I was done; I learned lot of new things working on this piece and my advice to you is to never give up and to be open to constructive criticism. I hope you found my making of useful and please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.




The final renders and post-production

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