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Making of Mclaren MP412-C

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Date Added: 22nd July 2016

João Paulo Lamonde shares his hard surface workflow for creating vehicles
in 3ds Max...


Hi guys, in this making of I will share my workflow for making a fully rendered model of the McLaren MP412-C. I hope it helps inform your studies and enjoy!

Step 01: References

I originally created this model just to do some hard surface model training. After I finished the model, I wanted to make a render in the studio environment, so I searched for several reference images of the car photo and also a few 3D reference images. I also watched a couple of video tutorials of car photography and read an artist interview that won a Car Render Challenge 2015 of Hum3D and it was important to the final idea of what I could do after.


Step 02: Modeling Car

In 3ds Max I made the car model poly by poly, it required so much patience! Here I positioned the blueprint references and started the model process.

Modeling the car

I made the grid of back part starting with a plane subdivided and then in Polygon Modeling Tool > Generate Topology, I changed the topology to hexagonal like a hive.

Changing the topology

Then I drew a spline of the back part and I used Compound Objects > Shape Merge to cut the plane polygons.


Modeling the back bumper

With the cut model I selected the hexagonal polygons, applied the inset and delete what I don't want. Then I used some modifiers, Shell (to get volume), Edit Poly (to select edges), Quad Chamfer (to round the corner edges) and FFD (to adjust).

Adding detail

To make the glass I just selected the inside edges of the model and used Create Shape from Selection, then I used Extrude to make a shape and adjust the other details.


Making the windows

I modeled the internal parts (seats, panel, steering wheel, motor etc.) and these models didn't need to be really detailed as I don't plan on making internal renders. To finish the modeling I made all the bits for the wheels, tires etc.


Modeling the interior

Modeling the wheels


The final model

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