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Bulma MK-01- The Making Of

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Date Added: 5th February 2016
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Freelance character artist Genc Buxheli shares his ZBrush workflow for
Bulma MK-01


Hi! I am going to share with you my workflow for designing a character. I decided to redesign Bulma from the Dragon Ball universe, I wanted her to have a cool looking suit of armor.


First things first! I gather as many reference pictures as possible and then start sketching. I already had a general idea of how this character should look because Bulma is a well know character from /Dragon Ball/ and we all know Iron Man's armor. The hardest part was getting the Iron Man armor to look as if it was made in the Dragon Ball universe. Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball) uses very distinct round shapes when designing mechanical for vehicles and androids.

Gathering references


This is the fun part. I start off in ZBrush from a sphere and activate DynaMesh and then move stuff around until I get the basic shape of the body. While doing this, I had my concept in the background so I could check the proportions were correct. I generally sculpt a basic musculature because I like to practice and in the meantime have a real idea on how clothes or armor is going to sit over the body.

Sculpting the body

Detailing the head

I always start with the head and face when adding the details; it helps me get the right feel of the character right from the beginning. The DynaMesh head is divided, while ZRemesher takes care of the correct PolyFlow. Then I detailed the head for three more subdivisions. Since this is anime style, I didn't want to overdo the detailing so I kept it very subtle.

Detailing the head

Modeling the upper body armor

Making the armor was definitely the hardest part. I started off with some basic retopology in ZBrush to get the general shape of the armor parts. Then I used ZModeler to extend and detail the different parts in the armor; manually creasing every edge and always using Dynamic Subdivide until I was happy with the shape. Then I applied the Dynamic Subdivide to go down a subdivision and uncreased all the edges and deleted the higher subdivision. I repeated this process for all part; it helps make the edges softer while preserving their shape.

Working on the armor

The finished armor

Modeling the tank top

I used Marvelous Designer to quickly make the tank top, I could have done it in ZBrush but I liked the idea of the fabric being deformed by the armor from underneath it. I created a quick pattern and then used the tools within the software to pull it over the shoulder pads for a cooler look. Then I exported the mesh in to ZBrush to five some more details to it.

The tank top

The tank top over the armor

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Shah Nawaz on Wed, 21 December 2016 12:10am
hey do you still keep the body or has the body been deleted ?
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