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The making of 'MarshMallow'

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Date Added: 11th September 2015

UK based 3D artist Francis-Xavier Martins shares how he made Frozen's Marshmallow in ZBrush and Photoshop


Step 01

This model is inspired by the Disney's Frozen concept work done by the brilliant Cory Loftis. I begin in ZBrush by starting with a PolySphere, using the move brush with DynaMesh at 128 res to pull out shapes. I use the curve tube brush for the arms, legs and fingers. I use the Dam standard brush to make basic lines.

The inspiration for this model, concept art by Cory Loftis. © Disney

Using PolySphere to build up the body

Step 02

Here I use Clay Build to build form and the hPolish to flatten and smooth out areas. I use the Clip Curve brush for the sharp fingers. I then Re-DynaMesh with Polish and Project on at a higher res.

Clip Curve brush sharpens the fingers

Step 03

I then use the Insert Sphere brush to insert the ice shards where I want them and use the Transpose tools to stretch them and the hPolish to give them the sharp edges.

Inserting the ice shards

Step 04

All the ice shards are DynaMeshed into one SubTool. I then Auto group them so I can select individual pieces if I need to with Ctrl click using any transpose tool. I then use ZRemesher using the default setting.

DynaMesh the ice shards into one SubTool

Easy selection with transpose tool, ctrl click. Everything else is masked out

Step 05

This stage is Clay Build up, hPolish? rinse and repeat all over again! The Orb Crack brush is used for the lines. I use some Trim Dynamic to further refine the shards and make sure the silhouette looks good by changing the color to black.

Adding texture to the model

Checking the silhouette

Step 06

I painted the inside of the model dark blue using the standard brush with Zadd off. The ice shards were painted a light blue with a few dabs of purple. Surface Noise for variation on the body. I used modified versions of Zbro Illustrate paint for the body and SilverFoil Bright for the ice shards. The body is symmetrical but this needs to change!

I turned the spec down a little for the body

Step 07

Use TPose mesh for posing the model. I had transparency on for all the shards under BPR settings and turned on Transparency when it rendered. I took the render, shadow, AO, Mask and depth and comped them in Photoshop. A few brush strokes for the snow and there you have it. TASTY MARSHMALLOW. Now we sing? let it gooooo, let it gooooooooo? Hope you enjoyed reading!

Adding some final touches

Trouble shooting: If you get an error when using TPoseMesh, save the posed mesh to disk, then reselect the high res mesh, click on TPose > SubT button will transfer the pose to the original model, updating each of the SubTools and load the posed mesh. Took me a few attempts to figure this out!

The final tasty Marshmallow

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