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Clock / Pocket Watch Tutorial

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Date Added: 22nd March 2011
Software used:


Hi people, in this tutorial I will show you a few tips about how to create a clock in 3d max and render it with Fryrender. Then I will show you how to apply Fry materials and how to make the lighting setup. Finally, we will look at work with the tonemapping and layer blending controls.

Here are some of the references that I used (Fig.01)

Fig. 01


Start with a cylinder and change the number of slices. Convert to Editable Poly and create the three outer parts (Fig.02).

Fig. 02

During this process we will use Symmetry and Meshsmooth modifiers to see the mesh result (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

Before we start with the interior, we will link the three green objects with a helper to control their position. For the interior, do the same (Fig.04).

Fig. 04

The numbers are a Text spline with an Extrude modifier, and then an array over the clock's surface. The inner gears have been made with splines and a bevel modifier (Fig.05).

Fig. 05

To make the chain, we will prepare its parts individually. Use SplineIK Solver to link the hoops of the chain, and obtain a custom chain path (Fig.06).

Fig. 06

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Oellas on Sat, 25 February 2012 11:14pm
Martyna, you can find a h-res image in my blog: Contact with me if you nedd something more about the clock. Thanks people for your coments.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Eydi (Forums) on Sat, 03 December 2011 3:07pm
Final render looks very perfect for Vray :)
Martyna on Fri, 02 December 2011 12:17am
What is the name of this watch? im trying to find images, cause the once u gave are pixelated and small.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Naomi105813 (Forums) on Fri, 28 October 2011 5:29am
So ,you've done very well.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
Munkybutt's Avatar
Brent87st (Forums) on Mon, 17 October 2011 10:17am
I don't have Vray.[img][/img][img][/img][img][/img]
Oellas on Tue, 11 October 2011 5:42pm
Sorry, I don't have Vray.
Yop on Fri, 29 April 2011 8:22am
Is it possible to have the same tutorial with vray ? thanks
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