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Digital Art Masters Volume 7 preview: 'Spacegirl'

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Date Added: 19th May 2015
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Sergio Diaz shares his workflow as he demonstrates how he painted his cool
image Spacegirl!

Ever since I was a kid I've always been into science fiction and fantasy. I've drawn for as long as I can remember. I would draw when I was bored and would make up characters or copy pictures I liked.

I thought about many professions while I was growing up and during my teens considered fields from engineering through to construction. Finally when I was around seventeen years old I realized that my personal and professional life were bound to be art related, although I still didn't quite know what direction I would take.

Nowadays I work mainly as an illustrator, 3D modeler, concept artist and character designer for commercials, movies and video games, etc.


I usually draw the first sketch on my computer as it's quicker and allows me to try different ideas more efficiently than it would with traditional methods. This is particularly true now that I use a Wacom Cintiq. I haven't tried the larger version, but the one I have (12 inches) is highly recommendable. However, if I find that I have some free time I enjoy drawing on a real notepad with a real pencil.

I don't tend to follow a specific method when painting, although I will try to talk you through my process. Usually I start out with a (pretty blurry) mental picture of what I want to accomplish. This is why I don't draw many sketches and prefer to correct the initial sketch as I go along.

For this illustration I started drawing the basic idea of a girl in a space suit in Photoshop. I hadn't figured out the colors and background or even if I was going to retain the gun. The anatomy wasn't fully finished either. The only thing that was really defined at this point was the pose. In short, this sketch only depicts the general idea that I had in my head (Fig.01).


Instead of starting with grayscale and applying color afterwards, I mostly work with defined colors. To me it's simpler and I believe that in the end, the color mixes are richer that way (Fig.02).


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