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Florence Design Academy: Logo design with 3ds Max

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Date Added: 19th January 2015
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Florence Design Academy tutor Mario Malagrino explains how to create a basic logo design using splines in 3ds Max


As teacher of the Florence Design Academy, I know how important it is that students get clear and well explained lessons. Especially in the beginning it's important to challenge our students with little projects in order to unleash their creativity.

As a 3D graphic teacher I love to show the benefit of 3D graphics to Designers. A Graphic Designer needs to know Adobe Software perfectly and there are projects that can be done in part with 3ds Max. If you need to create advertising for a product, or an ad with a high visual impact, the option of using 3D software will allow you to improve your workflow for both simple and complicated projects. This tutorial is a beginner tutorial, and you should be able to follow it after just a few lessons with 3ds Max. So let's begin!

It is really easy to create 3D text with 3ds Max. Just go to the Splines, select Text and write whatever you want in the text-box. After that, click in the view (in our case in the Front View) and you will see a spline-text appear.

Finding the Splines/Text pathway in 3ds Max

As an example, I write Logo Design in the text-box and click in the viewport. You will notice that there are a lot of great fonts that you can adjust the text, as in any other typing-software, such as Photoshop.

Writing text using splines

Now let's customize our text. The next steps allow you to create interesting fonts which will fit to any of your projects. This sample shows you that there is no limit for shapes or ideas with this software. You can basically create anything you have in mind for a professional project.

Select your text (in the Front view) and click on it with the right mouse button (RMB). You will see a small window appear. Now choose: Convert to: Editable Spline. This action allows you to edit any shape (line, circle, rectangle, text etc...) that you create with splines.

Converting the text to an editable spline

Select the vertex in the Modify panel and move the red highlighted vertexes to your left side (as shown in the image). This makes the letter L and D a bit wider and will allow us to make the text more interesting and create enough space to add details later on.

Modifying the initial lettering to create interest

Still with the same selected vertexes, go to the Fillet command and make the corners rounder by typing a number in the slot (or you can press and hold on the little arrows to the right of the number slot to get the same result).

Rounding the corners using the Fillet command

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