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Modeling a magic character

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Date Added: 19th December 2014

Guzz Soares explains the sculpting techniques used in the creation of his stylized adaptation of Hermione Granger.


This image was based on Fabio Valle's concept art and is a part of a Daily Sketches project that I've been doing over this year. For this sketch I use ZBrush, 3ds Max and Photoshop to get the result that I wanted

Modeling the character

I started with ZSpheres to create a basemesh for my model. From there, I subdivided as needed as I crafted the basic shapes, and used the Move brush to adjust the silhouette. After that, I started to add the basic shapes of the
eyes and mouth.

Sculpting the character

Modeling the collar

To sculpt the cloth, I created a mask on the basemesh, and then extracted a new mesh from it. I started by making the collar using the Dam_Standard brush to mark where I want to create the collar, and then used the ClayBuildUp brush
to fill it.

Sculpting the collar

Modeling the blouse

As I did with the collar, I used the Dam_Standard brush to define where I wanted to create the blouse, and used ClayBuildUp to fill it. After that, I used the Move brush to get the silhouette that I wanted.

Sculpting the blouse

Modeling the tie

From the cloth mesh, I masked and then extracted a new mesh to create the tie. Using the Move brush and Inflate brushes, I got the shape that I wanted. To create the symbol of Gryffindor, I downloaded a black and white image from the internet and imported that image into an Alpha. Then, using DragRect, I created a mask based on that image and used the Inflate brush to sculpt the shape of the symbol.

Sculpting the symbol of Gryffindor

Modeling the hair

For the hair, I started with a sphere around the head, and used the CurveLineTube brush to draw a line where I wanted to create the strand. After that I used the Move brush to create the basic shape of the strand. Then I used DynaMesh to merge it with the hair.

Sculpting the hair


The clay material was pretty simple to create. I played with BerconNoise map (a free plug-in) to get some variation on bump map, and I also added a VRayDirt map to get some variation on the Diffuse.

Working on the clay material

Light and camera setup

I change the light in every scene I make. In this case I used just one light on the top. For the camera, I like to work like real life, so for this piece, I thought a telephoto lens worked best, so I just put 200mm as the focal length (which is basically what I changed from default setup)

light and camera setup

Final Image

After some color correction on Photoshop, this is what I got.

The final image

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