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Devise dramatic scenery in Vue

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Date Added: 10th December 2014
Software used:

Örs Bárczy demonstrates the landscape creation capabilities in Vue, as he describes the processes used in creating his Above the Clouds image


Create the base mesh

The base mesh for the mountain is created as a procedural terrain. To create one, choose Object / Create / Procedural Terrain or select the icon that looks like a mountain with the letter ?f' beneath it from the left-hand toolbar. To rotate the view, hold down [Alt] and the right mouse button. You can zoom in or out by scrolling, or hold down the scroll wheel to move the view. You can see also a rendered draft preview in the small box on the right.

Expert Tip: Built-in randomness

Even if you use the same parameter values as me, you will get sometimes a different result. Don't worry: that's normal.

The icon to create a procedural terrain

The procedural terrain

Use the Terrain Editor

Left-click on the mountain to select it. It will go red. Right-click on it and choose Edit Object. The Terrain Editor window should appear. From here, you can sculpt or add details to your terrain. You can set your Brush Size and Falloff values from the Paint tab. I turned off the Zero edges option by toggling the icon at the top of the editor and raised the resolution of my terrain to 512x512 by selecting Double terrain resolution (the ?x2' icon).

The terrain menu

Editing the terrain

View the Fractal Settings

Let's edit the fractal settings for the terrain. These control the overall form of the mountain and its surface details. Switch to the proc. tab on the right of the Terrain Editor. Right-click on the sphere and select Edit Function. A new window should open showing the node graph. You can add new nodes and modifiers ? for instance, texture maps ? but for now, focus on the Multiply and fractal nodes. The fractal node is currently set to Simple Fractal.

Working with nodes

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