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The making of 'A cup of tea?'

By Yu Sun

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Date Added: 31st October 2014
Software used:

Yu Sun works through the process behind his traditional artist-inspired image, made using 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, and V-Ray?



Sometimes I wonder what the characters of great artworks from history would do in the modern age. So I created this picture: A cup of tea? I wanted them to look like they were experiencing the charm of Chinese Kung Fu tea in a Chinese teahouse, but the man who makes their tea looks like a newbie.

So, next I'll describe the creation of the artwork and talk about my general production process.

Planning time and collecting data

A cup of tea? is my latest work, and it took about two and a half months in total to finish. Most 3D practitioners know that planning a cycle to control the quality is important. We can't avoid the problem; all we can do is take a short amount of time to plan, in order to achieve the quality and efficiency of a win-win situation. So when I started this project, I set up an overall time estimate and began to plan a general plan as follows:

? Weeks 1-2: (The early stage of the design, collecting data)
? Weeks 3-4: (The early modeling, sculptures of the high poly model)
? Weeks 5-8: (Attention to detail , texturing)
? Weeks 9-10: (Hair, rendering, post processing)

The first stage, I mainly figure is more in accordance with your own goals, so choose photographs and inspirations as you prefer for your image. Then you can draw a rough design. If you prefer, you can also use 3D software such as 3ds Max or ZBrush to rough out a simple simulation of the human body.

The composition and initial data compilation is done

Modeling technique

Because the action in the scene is a bit much and I can't take on all of the accuracy and integrity of each individual all at once, I go by the philosophy ?divide and conquer'. When I reach a certain point with each model, I set the benchmark and continue onto the next one.

So to start, I began with the production of Van Gogh and his sunflower. Because this is a famous art painting, the search is reveals relatively good data. At the same time though, the production is made more challenging because the image must match that data perfectly.

Modeling the sunflower

Modeling Van Gogh

The key to modeling the sunflower is to use the Move brush and sculpt from the inside to the outside. The key to modeling Van Gogh is depict the feeling of the Van Gogh's nervousness, and show that he wants to protect his
precious sunflower.

The pores of the sculpture were made with the DamStandard brush with four kinds of alpha. I draw these out by hand, and then carved them into the face using reference images. Although it takes some time, it can create a very
good effect.

Modeling the nervousness of Van Gogh

Modeling Van Gogh's clothes

The production of Van Gogh's clothing as a whole was a little different. For this image I tested some new software called Marvelous Designer (MD) to create the clothing, but because it was my first attempt, it did not create a particularly good effect and actually increased the testing time a lot. All in all though, it's a really good software and is worth a try.

Now I can use MD smoothly though, and I hope I can enlighten you with its techniques in the future. This time though, because the software didn't work for me, I used the old way of finding a good reference to carve the clothing from. Where do you get the references from? You don't need to buy new clothes for this; the internet is full of clothing reference images you can browse through.

Making Van Gogh's clothing from scratch

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