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The Making Of 'Open It'

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Date Added: 1st October 2014
Software used:

Kiteve explains some of the ideas and processes behind the creation of his incredibly detailed image, Open it

I am glad to be able to share my experience and thoughts on making the image Open It with you. The idea originally came from the spoof movie Meet The Spartans that shows a woman wearing a giant chastity belt. I used this interesting idea as a base to start developing my ideas.

To start, I read some books about medieval western clothing, to understand the cultural background and development history of the chastity belt. It also helped to look at a lot of medieval paintings about the chastity belt. From there, I began my image.


After I determined the content, working on the composition was particularly important. I tried many different versions, and finally created a sketch in Photoshop. After the sketch was determined, I then began production.

The initial sketch created in Photoshop

Making the model

I didn't worry about the characters and the posing at the very beginning, but looked up some of the adornment styles of the middle ages, and added them to the scene.

While constructing the scene, you need to find increasingly more specific roles, costumes, and props. Any reference to what is reasonable and correct will help; otherwise the picture won't look as convincing.

Creating a scene based on research into the styles of the middle ages

The main character

The first character model I made was a beautiful young woman. Then I noticed that it started to look a little too erotic for the scene I wanted to create, so I decided to create an old woman instead.

I gave the old woman an aura of having a prominent social position, and a lot of money. She has a lot of lovers and a lot of people who want to communicate with her.

The original younger version of the character

Clothing detail

Once the character model was made, I shot some references and took the time to refine it and get it right. I think the dress was the most difficult. I also took a long time to make the clothes, and went through a lot of trial and error to get it right.

Making sure the fabric on the dress looked right

The locksmith

The locksmith is a poor man. He really doesn't like the woman who employed him to open the lock. He's not a handsome man, and looks like he's always been bullied and belongs to the more vulnerable social groups. The woman looks very conceited in comparison ? she has a very powerful kind of aura. This makes the picture very complex.

The contrast in the picture can also show a wonderful paradox. The woman needs freedom and the man needs money. The woman has a lot of money but is not free, and the man is free but too busy working for money. This contradiction makes it seem very interesting.

The lower-class locksmith

Experimenting with facial expressions for the locksmith


For lighting, I use the 3ds Max linear workflow. This is in order to obtain a more realistic effect, and makes it more convenient to adjust color in the final image. The linear workflow will give the whole picture more light and richer color information.

Some of the settings used in this workflow are seen here

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Zab.23 on Fri, 24 October 2014 9:29am
This is so great, I like your composition!
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