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The making of Bane

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Date Added: 12th September 2014

Modeler and former ZBrush instructor, Yoongkun Kim, introduces his step-by-step workflow used to create the Dark Knight's nemesis, Bane...


This is my personal project. After watching the movie The Dark Knight Rises, I really liked the Tom Hardy version of the character Bane. I also wanted to practice some skills I know but I haven't tried out yet. These days, it's not that hard to learn new skills by watching or reading tutorials, and many people think after watching the tutorials that they know the extent of the technique. I don't think that watching or reading is enough though, which is why I keep practicing and making new things. I hope people can learn something new in my tutorial and apply to their own works.

Concept in ZBrush

I think that making a plan and visualizing the initial concept is very important. So before I started modeling with clean meshes, I worked in ZBrush to develop aspects like the proportion and clothes for the concept. I feel more comfortable using ZBrush rather than drawing on paper or in Photoshop ? which is why I do concept work in ZBrush. The main benefit to doing it in 3D is that I can change things very easily; also I can check the model from any camera angle.

In ZBrush, I used a basemesh, changed the proportion, and used the Mask Extraction, DynaMesh, ZRemesher, and shadowbox to add all the extra shapes. I didn't care about topology or fine details at this point because visualizing the shape, proportion and the things I need to make is the only focus in this step.

You can make any meshes very easily in ZBrush

Modeling in Maya

After I finished the concept work in ZBrush, I exported the meshes to Maya for retopology work. Before I exported them out, I used the DecimationMaster plug-in in ZBrush to reduce the polygons but keep all the details. Then, I used them as a guide in Maya for retopology work. Now, I don't need to think or worry about proportion, I just take my time creating clean meshes for Bane.

Maya is not the only option for this step; you can use any 3D software you are familiar with. Creating clean and acceptable meshes are the main focus in this step.

For his shirt, I duplicated the mesh from the concept sculpting in ZBrush, and then used ZRemesher and projected some of the details, then fixed some of the edges in Maya. This step is slow and not easy for me, but taking some time to work on the base is very important for the rest of my working process.

I used the Modeling Toolkit, new in Maya 2014, for re-topology work

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CIA on Mon, 23 March 2015 10:11pm
Tell me about Bane! Why doesn't he use Max?
CIA on Mon, 15 September 2014 7:01pm
You're a big guy!
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