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The making of 'Old Pilar – Reloaded'

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Date Added: 3rd September 2014
Software used:

Summary so far?

So far, the project looks like this:

Showing a bit of the Forest Pack

The top view of the scene

The wire cam view

Old Pilar corner


I hardly ever use complex materials, and this project was no different. I used basic materials for most parts of the project. My materials were as follows:





Door frame


Render settings

Corona Renderer is pretty simple and the default settings work fine. I only decreased the GI/AA to 4, because I used DOF and in this way it's easier to clean the noise generated by the effect.

I adjusted the exposure parameters in real time. It helped me get a nice result. My render settings were as follows:

click to enlarge to see settings


My post production stack was very simple; I just added some color correction and curves, basically because my Photoshop skills are very limited.

Thanks, and special thanks to Rodrigo Albano, Michel Amorim, Mariane Conceição and my family.

My post-production screen

The final render

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Caue Rodrigues on Tue, 11 November 2014 2:09am
Hi, sorry for delay, busy days here. :) About 6 hours in 3500 Px, in my old FX-8120. Thank you!!
Roma on Thu, 02 October 2014 5:02pm
Great work! Can you tell about render time using Corona in this final scene?
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