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Sketching With DynaMesh

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Date Added: 31st July 2014
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BioShock Infinite lead character artist, Gavin Goulden, provides tips for sketching in ZBrush with DynaMesh...


When starting on a new sculpt, sometimes you just want to jump right into the action and not fiddle with creating a base mesh in a 3D program. DynaMesh is built specifically to allow you to avoid that step, loading in a very simple primitive and dynamically adding geometry to your model as you push and pull to get a desired base mesh ready for intense sculpting. DynaMesh also serves as a great way to jump right into ZBrush and start sketching. Ideas can become clearer when worked on in 3D, and you can be left with a rough model to build a base mesh from ? things like armor designs, creature proportions, and alien races. In this tutorial, I will give you a quick introduction to this tool and show you how, by using DynaMesh, it can make your workflow more streamlined and focused more on the fun part of the job ? creating art, and creating it fast.

Modeling with DynaMesh

To begin, import a base mesh primitive or use one of the primitive models included with ZBrush. With the model activated, navigate to Tools > Geometry > DynaMesh. This will activate DynaMesh and convert your model into a DynaMesh object, blowing away any levels of subdivision you may have added. Generally, I like to work with a light mesh and increase the mesh density as I work. By holding Ctrl and drawing outside of your model, you will recompute DynaMesh over your model, which will add geometry based on how much you've distorted the topology of your mesh.

DynaMesh gives you the freedom to sculpt by dynamically adding geometry as your mesh becomes too distorted

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