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Creating liquid flow with the help of RealFlow

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Date Added: 25th July 2014
Software used:

Export Central

Export Central is an option to export everything you want from RealFlow. Within Export Central you can specify almost everything regarding location, naming and attributes of your simulation data. By simply activating and deactivating export options you can decide what you want to export, e.g. RealFlow Particles or RealFlow Mesh or Objects and so on.

To open Export Central got to Menu Bar > Export > Export Central, or simply press F12 on your keyboard. New nodes are automatically activated in Export Central when you create new project, but it's still important to open the window and go through that. The most important thing we want to export is RealFlow Mesh. After you open the window you can see the Particle Mesh option, but there is no Tick Mark option ? don't worry, you will get this Tick Mark option after you create the Particle Mesh in our file. So don't forget to check this option before you hit the simulation button.

Working with the Export Central window


We need to create three emitters to generate particles, and for that we will use circle emitters.
So go to Show Particle Fluid Menu > Circle and create three circle emitters. Use the following co-ordinates:

1. Circle 1
? Position ? X:0.08034 | Y: 0.0 | Z: 3.58911
? Rotation ? X:0.0 | Y: -102.5462 | Z:0.0
? Scale ? X:0.5 | Y:0.5 | Z:0.5

2. Circle 2
? Position ? X: -0.36873 | Y: -0.24856 | Z: 4.53896
? Rotation ? X:0.0 | Y: -90.07204 | Z:0.0
? Scale ? X:0.5 | Y:0.5 | Z:0.5

3. Circle 3
? Position ? X: -0.20424 | Y: 0.14289 | Z: 4.04042
? Rotation ? X:0.0 | Y: -81.90521 | Z:0.0
? Scale ? X:0.5 | Y:0.5 | Z:0.5

Placing the circle emitters

Modify the parameters of emitters

Here, we have to change the parameters of our emitters. We will not change all the emitters, just modify the first emitter and then copy all the parameters and paste them in to the other two emitters.
To modify the parameters, select the emitter and go to Node Params, which should be on the right-side of the screen. Apply these to each of the three emitters:

? Type - Liquid
? Resolution - 20
? Density - 1000
? Int Pressure - 1.0
? Ext Pressure - 10.0
? Viscosity - 5.0
? Surface Tension - 100
? Interpolation - None
? Compute Vorticity - No
? Max Particles - 5000000

Tip: If you increase the resolution, you will get detail and hi-res simulation, but it will also increase the simulation time.

Changing the parameters of emitters

Noise Field Daemon

This Daemon can be used to randomly disturb particles or objects, which is particularly useful for simulating air turbulences.

To create this Daemon, go to Daemon Menu > Noise Field, and place this Daemon exactly on the emitters.

Noise Field
? Position ? X: 0.0 | Y: 0.0 | Z: 3.9376
? Affect - Force
? Strength - 60.0
? Scale Factor - 5.0
? Bounded - No

Applying Noise Field Daemon and modifying the parameters

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