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Sculpting and Polypainting 'The Cannibal'

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Date Added: 14th May 2014
Software used:

Ivan de Andres Gonzalez takes us through how he used the tools in ZBrush to create his popular image, The Cannibal


In this tutorial, I will focus on my use of ZBrush techniques. You will see any number of useful processes within this software, including sculpting, Polypainting and using references; using Spotlight and working with paint brushes, alphas and strokes to achieve a realistic result.

To begin, references are essential to achieve your goal. You can look for real world references or artistic interpretations ? both will help you to understand shapes and see what elements make an object unique.

I usually categorize the references in 3 groups:

1. Likeness
Look for images that resemble what you want to achieve. These don't have to be exact references but they have to have similar appeal. My likeness references for this project were Julian Beck, Emperor Palpatine and 30 Days of Night.

2. Detail
This time you want more concrete images ? you are looking for specific help. Maybe you need references for the smile, the eyes or the wrinkles. Try to find the same subject (the mouth, for example) from different angles and with different lighting. My detail references for this project included this old man.

3. Fine detail
Other artists' work and scanned material are your best bet for the fine detail. You want to know how it really is and how other people have interpreted them.

The references will accompany you during the entire process and will be your best guide, so invest all the time you can in collecting the best ones you can find.

Sculpting and Polypainting will be the main theme of this tutorial

Favorite sculpt brushes

There is no secret weapon here. For human sculpting, the DamStandard brush is a great tool, and you can combine it with the Inflate brush to give a more organic feel to the wrinkles. Clay brush is great to give irregularities to the skin and to achieve the look of fat beneath the flesh. To achieve the opposite, the hPolish brush is great ? it lets you give tension to the skin. And the last one is the Move brush which will help you to shape the face and break straight lines.

Favorite brushes to use when sculpting characters

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
KChivers on Thu, 16 March 2017 7:02am
Absolutely loved the tutorial. Saved for later reference too. :) Thanks.
Lozann on Sun, 03 August 2014 5:09am
One of the best ZBrush artwork I've seen so far. Congratulation! :)))
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