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Making Of 'Green Rogue'

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Date Added: 14th February 2014
Software used:

Detailing the cabin

After that I started to cut into the cabin to make windows, doors and other details. In this image, you can see that I marked curves in red ? these were used as cutting profiles to make windows, doors, and so on.

To make the slots for the headlights, I just pulled the model in with the Extrude command, and then closed its bottom with a cap using the Planar command. After that, I applied the Fillet command to round off the corners. To make the mudguards I used the Blend command.

Adding more detail to the cabin, such as doors and windows

The chassis and tires

After that I started to make the chassis and wheels. I found a lot of references to help me recreate important details for this, and found that MoI allowed me to create the pipes for the chassis, in only a few clicks. As always, all I needed to do was draw 2D profiles and then run commands like Extrude, Sweep or Loft to make surfaces. If I wanted to connect objects together, I could just run the Boolean operation, which creates smooth and clear geometry, (the opposite to Polygonal modeling).

After chassis I made the wheels. I used some references from low-rider cars to make the rims. I made the tires myself, having been inspired by soviet tractor rims. I used a circular array a lot, which works great in MoI - I just needed to select the object I wanted to array then select the center point and it was ready! I just had to enter the number of copies I wanted.

The tires were inspired by soviet tractor wheels and low-rider cars

Modeling the armature

Making the armature and rockets was not a hard task. I used references of unguided aircraft rockets that I really like! They are mostly known for being used on a Russian MI-24 helicopter (my personal favorite!)

To make the armatures I made tubes that I ?Boolean'ed with Union commands, and then used Fillet to round the edges and the areas where the tubes connected.

Making rockets was also a very simple task. I just drew a profile then used the Revolve command to make it solid. After that I used 2D profiles - circles that I copied using the Circular array and cut holes with them.

Then I created the Green Rogue label by projecting text onto surface, cut this surface using the Trim command and then used the Shell command to add a little thickness and remove the upper caps. In NURBS, this kind of task is very fast and simple.

Creating the armature and rockets in MoI

The engine

After I completed the model I started to think about the kind of engine it would use, as there aren't really any places to put the engine on the model. I wanted to make it as real as possible, so I imagined that it uses two engines that lie under the cabin.

I get those engines from a model I made previously. I still have no idea what kind of engines they are, but I hope that car will run (at least, virtually)! I assumed that the weight of the wheels, engines and chassis, compensate against the weight of the rockets and allow to the car stay balanced.

The final step was to Fillet all the sharp edges.

Imagining and placing the engine the vehicle would use

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Jsin on Sun, 16 February 2014 6:18am
Cool concept. Excellent render.
Reza Kamran on Sat, 15 February 2014 6:22am
Nice Modeling is a very engaging and pleasant
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