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Making Of 'Haohmaru'

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Date Added: 5th February 2014

Victor Hugo Sousa uses ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and his brain to create his homage to Samurai Shodown game character, 'Haohmaru'

Haohmaru is a character from the game series Samurai Shodown and I created this version for the 3D Fan Art Facebook Challenge.


As Haohmaru is an iconic character, finding references was not that hard; the most difficult thing was to find the right style for him as I wanted to keep the anime look and yet still make a cinematic character.

Some of the images consulted in order to create the image

Modeling the body

As with most of my projects, I started with a base-mesh ? sometimes I use all the loops (although ZRemesher would be great for this still image), and sometimes I use a very simple one. In this case I had a short deadline because of the concept so I tried to get his shape and silhouette down as fast as I could, in order to send it to 3ds Max and model his accessories.

The base mesh?

Modeling accessories ? bandages

For the bandages I did the following: I extracted areas from the body where there would be bandages, and some meshes from the topology, and sent a single OBJ file to ZBrush where I used the Move Topological brush to place them the way I wanted.

Later I detailed them using Clay Build Up and Dam Standard brushes.

Creating the bandages by extracting and adjusting parts of the mesh

Modeling accessories - hair

The base mesh for the hair was done using the Loft technique from 3ds Max as you can see in the picture here. The rest of the accessories were modeled inside 3ds Max.

Hair created using the Loft technique in 3ds Max

Accessories created in 3ds Max

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Slovik on Wed, 04 June 2014 11:04am
how did you create the tied clothes like that? i'm learning marvelous designer too
VictorHD on Sun, 09 March 2014 5:11am
Hey Paul, thanks a lot buddy =)
Paul on Thu, 06 February 2014 7:25am
Great tut Victor, well done!!
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