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Rendering with KeyShot

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Date Added: 9th December 2013
Software used:

Using back-plates

Back-plates are background images that you can choose to make your render look more interesting. You can create your own in Photoshop, or just use a photograph to simulate an outdoor scene. It is so simple to create amazing composting of cars on streets with KeyShot.

Using a great background scene is simple in KeyShot

Making images better

Here you have a blurred, de-saturated HDR with a light and reflection source. The background is just grey. How can we significantly improve this scene? There is a small trick that I recommend to use, especially to simulate a photo-studio scene.

The before image...

The process of making your image better

Create a box, or any other shape (the box is the most-used one in these kinds of effects). Place this above the car (or in a position that fits better to your project) and apply a light material. The difference is clearly visible.

The before and after shot...

Making a curved background

The last tip for this tutorial is to create a curved background, and import it as wall-ground for your project. I suggest making the curvature very soft and big, this will guarantee a very soft gradient in the background of your render.

Why should we import this object? If you go to use a back-plate or color, it will not be reflected on your materials/objects. But as soon as you apply a color to this special object, its color will be reflected on your project.

The car with a curved background

Different types of backgrounds you could use

Render settings

The Render settings are quite simple, and they do not really need to be explained. What I recommend is to keep the samples around 16, and the shadow around 6-7 (this is a good project/portfolio quality). Higher numbers will increase the render time a lot. In Passes there is the Clown pass which basically is an Alpha mask, but with different colors for each group ? very useful in Photoshop!

Render settings for our car project

Our final image of the car


I would thank Luxion for making this useful software for designers, and I've included some samples of real-times view renderings here below. I hope you liked this tutorial!

Real-time view, render one

Real-time view, render two

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Bryan Cook on Sat, 29 March 2014 10:00pm
Can you tell me the best file format to import for a car? I have a 3ds max version of a car, but it is taking a long time to import. I'm totally new to this, so I'm not sure how long it should usually take.
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