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Making Of 'Betty'

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Date Added: 2nd December 2013
Software used:

Lucas Falcao breaks down his workflow in creating this Maly Siri-inspired image of Betty Von Notty.



In this Making Of article, I will talk a little bit about the processes I used to create the 3D adaptation of a drawing from Maly Siri. I will talk about the techniques and tools that I used in each step and share some tips and tricks that I commonly use in my workflow.

The inspiration for this work came from one of the beautiful drawings made by Maly Siri. Maly is a traditional artist that does illustration, some of which are pin-ups. The drawing in particular that caught my attention was a pin-up called Betty Von Notty, which I thought would be very interesting to put into 3D.

So this is what I used as my concept art and guide to sculpting/modeling. I also did research about pin-ups just to know a little bit more about that.


To start modeling Betty in Blender, I split the 3D view into two and in one of them I used a camera with the drawing in the background, on which I tried to match the perspective of the drawing with the base mesh I created before.

Then I started sculpting using the dynamic topology, which affects the subdivision as needed while you sculpt, very similar to DynaMesh in ZBrush. After sculpting the overall forms, I did the retopology and worked more on the similarity of the drawing with the sculpt tools until I was satisfied.

One of the crucial parts of modeling this character was the side look; from this angle the shape of the eyes change, mostly because of the volume of the cornea in the iris area.

Using the camera to sculpt a likeness


One of the big challenges in this work was to create the look of the hair. Maly's drawings have a lot of subtle details, especially in the hair, which in my opinion is a very strong part of this particular character.

To create the hair of Betty, I used the hair particle system. The way it works is by setting a main number of strands that will be our guide to the children particles ? so the key word here is organization. The main strands need to be very well placed and distributed on the head, so this way it will be much easier to comb and stylize the hair.

Testing the hair styles to fit the concept

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Rob on Thu, 05 December 2013 5:39am
Nice image. Good behind the scenes look too. The only thing, admin, is that this article should be filed under Blender instead of 3ds Max.
Tomáš Pártl on Wed, 04 December 2013 10:36pm
Why does it say "Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop" at the top of the tutorial, when the whole thing is about Blender?
Comeinandburn on Wed, 04 December 2013 8:14pm
What a great breakdown and fantastic result! BTW the software listed for this is 3ds Max but of course it was done in Blender. This is a great endorsement to such an underrated piece of software:)
Craig Jones on Mon, 02 December 2013 11:34pm
Very nice, thank you for sharing your workflow here :D
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