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Creating reptilian monsters

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Date Added: 4th November 2013
Software used:

Tiago Oliveira takes us through his process in the creation of his prowling Beast image.


This character was inspired by Jaemin Kin's art. I created this work during a workshop a while ago with Rafael Grassetti, and will show you all the steps that I went through during this project.


First of all, I researched some animal references, like felines, lizards etc. After that, I started modeling the form from a sphere in ZBrush. I divided the modeling into steps and the first step was to work on the proportions and primary shapes like the muscles, face, spine, nails and teeth. This first step is very important because this is where your model will get his defining shape.

The first stage involved creating the basic shapes


I then used ZRemesher for retopology, using guidelines to get the right flow in his head and body.

ZRemesher helped create a better flow in the body and head

Adding detail

When the retopology was ready, I started to apply details to sculpture mesh. I specifically added more defined muscle and some scales, using masks and inverting and inflating them (in the Deformation Panel).

Adding detail to the mesh using tools in the Deformation panel

Fine Detail

For the fine detail, I made three PolyGroups: the tail, body and head. After that I split them into three SubTools to get more subdivision levels in each part. This way I could make pores, wrinkles and cracks. I used some alpha maps to do some of these details and made others using DamStandard, to give skin variation.

Using various methods to create detail in the skin texture

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Ff14 on Mon, 23 December 2013 5:11am
"The first stage involved creating the basic shape" ...speechless...
JediSaiyajin on Wed, 04 December 2013 8:51pm
So I followed your instructions on the first part Sphere > Instant Monster > Detailed monster monster and this is what I got.. Thanks for all your help :)
Lou Mareno on Wed, 20 November 2013 2:09pm
Amazing zbrush work, hell of a job thx for posting this great character Lou
MattZero on Tue, 12 November 2013 11:07pm
How did you resolve the seams once you split the body up for higher res sculpturing?
Sersal on Mon, 04 November 2013 2:08pm
man, you are one of the best, but, where is the tutorial...?
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