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Maya - Hands and feet

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Date Added: 21st October 2013
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Step 7: Appearance of tendons

To finish off the hand, I added some detail on the palmer side of the wrist so I could create the appearance of the tendons and a noticeable bony landmark named the styloid process. This protrusion lies on the pinky side of the wrist and can be modeled by extruding out a couple of faces in that region and then point-pushing. On the dorsal side of the hand, I continued to push the edges closer together in places to bring out some of the tendons as well. This should again help to avoid the rubber glove syndrome.

Adding the appearance of tendons and bony regions

Step 8: Connecting the hand to the arm

Once the hand is ready, I open up the scene file with the current body model and Import the hand in. A little translating, rotating and scaling to get the hand in place and then it's a matter of connecting it to the arm. First I noticed that I have too many edges coming out of my hand to make a direct connection to the arm. I decided to terminate a couple of edges early on the hand as illustrated in the below image and also run some extra edge loops through the arm to equal the connecting vertices from the arm to the hand. To clean up the extra edges that I added to the body that ran from the arm, I used the Sculpt Geometry Tool (set to Relax mode) and then pushed and pulled the vertices until I was happy with the main mesh once more. Then it was a case of selecting both parts of geometry and going Mesh > Combine. Once connected, I used the Merge Vertex Tool to weld the vertices of the hand to the end of the arm. Some minor tweaking later and the hand should be fully connected.

Connecting the hand to the arm

Step 9: Playing footsy

For the foot, you can pretty much repeat the same procedure as for the hand. I actually used one of the fingers as the base for my first toe and then duplicated it for all the other toes. Like the thumb, notice how the big toe has only two phalanges when you create its topology. Build the foot out from the toes as we did the palm from the fingers, making sure to include the arch of the foot before combining the foot to the ankle.

Once in place, we should be ready to move on to the face.

The final foot and hand connected to the body

Top tip 1: Use the animation tools for modeling purposes

When moving major forms around, I like to use the animation tools to speed up the process. One of my favorite tools to use is the Lattice which you will find under Deformers > Non-Linear Deformers. This tool will create a cage around the selected mesh or a group of vertices and by using the lattice points (hold the right-mouse button down to access component mode), you can push and pull the geometry with ease. You can also set the resolution of the lattice deformer within the Channel Box or the Attribute Editor to give you more or fewer points to manipulate. Test out the other Non-Linear deformer tools to see how they may be of use for modeling.

Taking advantage of the Lattice tool for modeling

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