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Project Overview: Nina from Black Swan

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Date Added: 7th August 2013
Software used:

Feathered Waistband

As the feathers around the waist were the part of the dress that reflected the character the most, I really didn't want to take any shortcuts, but duplicating and editing the fibermesh feathers would have been a huge pain.

I came up with the following solution. I isolated one of the chest feathers and rendered it out in Photoshop. Then, in Photoshop, I made sure that only the background was 100% black (as you know, ZBrush interprets pure black in textures as transparent) and used fibermesh with that texture. To counter its flatness I gave it a basic material with a bit of color bump so ZBrush would use the color information in the feather texture to give it some detail.

The finished feathered waistband


For the tiara, I used a lot of DynaMesh. Extracting a small halo from Nina's head, I pulled out small parts of the crown using the Move and Snake Hook brushes. I gave it that faceted look by using Clay Polish on the whole SubTool.

DynaMesh helped me to create the tiara, along with a couple of brushes

Eye Lashes

I used the same method for the eye lashes as I'd used for the feathers. I modeled a small strip of polygons in 3ds Max (again, this could be easily done with the Topology tool in ZBrush, but GoZ makes it so easy to do in Max too) and used the following settings for the fibermesh for the lashes. After, I used the Move brush to adjust them slightly.

The eye lashes were created in the same way as the feathers

The result so far


After collapsing all the layers in the body SubTool (layers and PolyPainting don't go well together), I painted the skin very quickly with the Standard brush in RGB mode using Spray. I painted the make-up using both Spotlight and the Standard brush.

For the clothing I took advantage of the masking options in ZBrush. I used masking by Occlusion and Cavity to give it that wear and tear look quickly, and to great effect. The tiara was mostly hand-painted.

The feathered motif was continued in the make-up

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Prometenn on Tue, 13 August 2013 12:32pm
Great making of!
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