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Making Of 'Valentyne'

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Date Added: 17th March 2011
Software used:
I created Valentyn for the Blending Life 2 contest. The objective was to create a realistic-looking human using Blender. I always wanted to do a realistic portrait, so I grabbed the chance and started working on Valentyn.


I used reference photos from 3dsk to do this model. Since I had a very good reference, I modeled it poly by poly starting with a simple plane and extruding the edges as I went along. It's a technique that gives me a lot of control over the topology and where I place the edge loops. In this phase I focused on getting the loops right and making sure that those loops followed the form nicely. I made sure I got the proportions and the shapes right since I was going for a similarity (Fig.01).

Fig. 01

The final mesh wireframe looked like this (Fig.02).

Fig. 02

For the eye I used two objects: one for the eye and the other for the wet layer that is above it. I felt that this way I could achieve a more realistic result while keeping the materials simple (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Sleeper G on Sun, 24 September 2017 11:04pm
Nice tutorial. Could you post a screenshot of your node setup for your skin? I've been trying to create a material that uses dermal & subdermal textures but can't seem to get it right. Thx
Allie on Sun, 06 November 2011 5:12pm
Thank you very much for your time and energy spent creating and posting this tutorial. I'm the first comment but please don't think that appreciate this. Now, I know that Blender is free & the tutorials are free, but one thing I'm starting to notice about Blender tuts in particular is that they never show step by step how each effect is achieved, they just say "Here is where I made the two objects". Okay, how did you accomplish that? I mean, some screen shots of which tabs are being clicked or drop boxes would help people better understand which steps need to be taken to achieve the steps. I'm don't mean to sound ungrateful, because I "am" grateful for this tut, but I think that people who already know the steps needed to achieve what makes VALENTYN don't really need a tutorial. Especially with the different versions of Blender. It's confusing to know which tabs to push in the latest version if this is for another version. Idk. I'm new and just trying to learn. Thanks anyway. Valentyne looks great, btw!
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