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Digital Art Masters: V7 - Sample Making Of 'Tao - The Ancient One'

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Date Added: 7th June 2013
Software used:

The software I used to create Tao was Pixologic's ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop. I use these two packages extensively at work and enjoy using them for personal projects as well. Although the sculpt was only intended to be viewed from one angle, ZBrush adds great depth to your image. This is another reason why I use it so much for design work at Weta. Seeing a creature or character you've designed in a nice illustration and viewing it from different angles afterwards is so valuable. As you can see in the image with the hands, I've only really sculpted detail into the side that will be viewed (Fig.03).

1731_tid_andrew baker_fig03.jpg

However, with the face I spent a little more time sculpting up the texture. I don't normally go this far with work pieces, as time to finish the whole piece is more pressing, but seeing as this was for myself and to be exhibited I enjoyed adding that extra detail in his face (Fig.04).

1731_tid_andrew baker_fig04.jpg

I started the sculpture from a generic mesh and tried a few different poses, but I knew roughly where I wanted to go with the pose. At one stage I found it made him look a little too weak and that the direct eyeline with the viewer gave him a little more strength (Fig.05).

1731_tid_andrew baker_fig05.jpg

I always try to plan my composition and with this piece I wanted the initial focus to be on his face and hands, with a direct eyeline weighted towards the top. I consistently like to use this sort of weighting as it always feels right. The old golden ratio!

For my design work created with ZBrush, including this one, I always bake out a number of shaders on the model to use in my final Photoshop piece (Fig.06).

1731_tid_andrew baker_fig07.jpg

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