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Modeling, Scripting and Animating Gears

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Date Added: 7th May 2013
Software used:

This can be summarized as a ratio: cog10/cog30=0.33 (10/30=0.33). The MELScript to rotate gear05 by 1/3 the rotation value of gear04, in the opposite direction is:


So here's the MELScript so far:


Finally, the difficult part - gear05 lifting the door.

gear05 contains a single cog30. For each degree cog30 rotates, the door will translate in the Y axis. If we calculate the circumference of cog30 and divide by 360°, we'll know how much to translate the door in the Y axis.

Here's a quick breakdown of this process (Fig.35):

1. Rotating cog30 360° will translate door the same distance as the circumference of cog30.
2. Therefore, we can assume that by rotating cog30 1°, door will translate circumference/360.

The circumference of a circle is calculated as: 2? * radius

Where ? (Pi) = 3.14159, the circumference of cog30 is:

= 2? * radius
= (2*3.14159)*15
= 94.248

Therefore, rotating gear05 by 1° will translate door:

= 94.248/360°
= 0.2618

Rotating gear05 by 90° will translate door:


Fig. 35

The MELScript to translateY door, based on the rotation of gear05 is (Fig.36):


So, the completed MELScript is:


Creating an Expression

Now that we've written the MELScript, the next step is to use it to create an expression.

Fig. 36

Open the Expression Editor (Window > Animation Editors > Expression Editor)(Fig.37).

Enter the name "gearRotation" into the Expression Name field.

Fig. 37

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Riccardo on Tue, 02 July 2013 6:11pm
Thank you very much! Great tutorial!
SirFunk on Wed, 26 June 2013 11:15pm
Awesome, thank you man :)
Kumar Jeetu on Tue, 07 May 2013 10:58am
nice tutorial
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