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Praying Mantis

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Date Added: 21st July 2011
Hey guys! My name is Victor Maiorino Fernande and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm just starting my digital artist career by studying at Melies Cinema and Animation School.

Usually I use software like Softimage XSI, ZBrush and Photoshop for post-production and map correction. I study a lot of traditional art, such as paintings, composition and drawing, because it really helps when it comes to my digital projects.

This is my first Making Of and I'm going to write the production process of my image "Praying Mantis".
My inspiration came from Igor Siwanowiczv photos. He shoots a lot of macro photos of insects. And that was just the style I wanted for my image. I chose the praying mantis because it is my favorite insect. I also searched lots of references on Google.

I started the modeling in ZBrush, using ZSpheres for the base mesh and blocking in the form I wanted (Fig.01).

Fig. 01

Then I started a second blocking process, where I added more details. After that I started reconstructing the model in ZBrush so I could take a lighter mesh into XSI. I opened the mesh in UV Layout and sent the OBJ files to ZBrush; that way I could make all the details and do all the painting so I could turn them into maps (Fig.02).

Fig. 02

For those details, I turned off the ZBrush symmetry and used some alphas to make the mesh have a more organic feel. Then I used thinner tools so it could have a more natural look (Fig.03 - 05).

Fig. 03

Fig. 04

Fig. 05

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Munkybutt's Avatar
Leo Sakamoto (Forums) on Tue, 01 February 2011 12:03am
Amazing! Excellent making of! :dance:
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