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Making Of 'Female Cleric: From First Concept to Final Render'

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Date Added: 2nd April 2013
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Initial Idea

The first idea taken into consideration was that this character could live in the same world as my previously designed character. Influenced mainly by Christian religion and the Vatican, a holy warrior was created. She is not a "one man army"; instead her focus lies on protecting her fellow combatants. A function that would fit well with her look and theme. To capture her purity it was decided to make her an attractive young girl. She has stunning red hair to indicate that she is a fierce warrior; red also fits well with the slightly transparent white robes that make up the majority of her costume.

Contrasting the Designs

Since both her and my previous character, The Lightning Mage, live in the same world and will finally meet each other, it was important to create contrast between both their function and appearance. Although the Chinese mage is not evil, his body has clearly been corrupted by his power. The mage's clothes are worn down heavily, and his body is abused in contrast to the physical beauty of the young girl and her clean white clothing. Even the tonal values of the two characters are made in contrast to each other (Fig.01).


Character Profile

For those who are interested I have included the character profile below. This is a sheet of questions you can ask to help define who the character you are creating is. This is a good start for designing, or a method to help you get ideas when you are stuck. You can always fall back on this when you are looking for new ideas or ways to unify existing ideas.

For those of you who are purely interested in the technical side I'd recommend skipping this section and going straight to the section about the design process.

Who is your character? Is he/she important? Good or bad? Profession? Background?

The character is a cleric who is assigned by the holy church to a group of crusaders. Her position in a group or army is that of a motivator and representative of the church. Like all clerics she has been raised in a monastery and received military training.

What is the world that he/she lives in like?

The world resembles a medieval world with cultures similar to European, Asian and African. However there is a strong fantasy element in this world that allows for magic, wizards and exotic wildlife to exist. This world is under the threat of demons that want to plunge the world into eternal chaos.

Any special abilities or not?

Even though her skill with the spear exceeds that of an average crusader, her real strengths lies in her cross and her knowledge of the holy and unholy. By using the cross she can expel demons from their hosts, and can keep demons and undead at a distance. She can even produce a shockwave to push evil beings away, and intense light to incinerate demons.

What drives your character? Goals? Objectives?

The character's goal is justice and the expansion of the church she serves with such dedication. She is a very protective character, always protecting her fellow crusaders in battle.

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Chris on Mon, 24 June 2013 3:52am
To be honest, the costume design is kind of revealing for a cleric, which is rather contradictory in concept. I don't know but it bothers me. Then again, it would be a shame to let those great legs go to waste hidden away behind sensible long robes wouldn't it, lol
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