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Making Of 'Female Cleric: From First Concept to Final Render'

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Date Added: 2nd April 2013
Software used:

Color Choice

For this character, a minimal color palette was used: red, white and gold for the character, and gold and silver for the weapons. Some exploratory sketches can be seen in Fig.08.


It is a great advantage to be able sketch in color, and being able to change colors quickly. I tried to really push the white in some instances to emphasize the holy aspect. But when there were too many white elements the character looked more like a bride warrior then a holy warrior.

The final colour palette has the following philosophy behind it: She is a young and fierce warrior, very passionate and protective in battle. This is represented by the color red and is the core of her personality and her costume. Besides that, she represents the holy church and is a pure person. This is represented by the color white, and is mainly used on the extremities and as accents. This leads to a character with a fierce red core and a holy white protective halo. Something that precisely describes her personality (Fig.09).


Armor Representation

Since this character is meant to be a RPG game character she will have different items and clothing during the game. Three armor sets were created, each representing a group of progressively better armor pieces. Light armor represents items such as robes and leather armor; medium armor represents items such as chain mail and scale male; heavy armor represents all types of plated armor (Fig.10).


The focus for this project was only the light armor, but starting points for the other armor levels were created so I had an indication of how this system would work.

Symbols Explained

The small bird sculpture on the chest piece represents a dove. This animal was chosen because a white dove is a symbol for peace, which is something that fits well with the message of the church. The main motif on the large plates is an eagle head, which was chosen to compliment the dove because it is a larger and more aggressive bird.

Holy crosses are used to represent the church, and are used on the staff and on some of the larger pieces of fabric.

Victorian filigree is used on the boots and as detail on the plates, sometimes mixed with Christian filigree. The flowing shapes give a more elegant and feminine design.

Finishing the Concept

For this design, two types of concept art were created: the main image that shows the cleric in a front and back three-quarter view, and an orthographic sheet containing the front, side and back view of the character (Fig.11).


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Chris on Mon, 24 June 2013 3:52am
To be honest, the costume design is kind of revealing for a cleric, which is rather contradictory in concept. I don't know but it bothers me. Then again, it would be a shame to let those great legs go to waste hidden away behind sensible long robes wouldn't it, lol
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