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Making Of 'SLS AMG'

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Date Added: 22nd February 2013
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The other materials are not very complex, so I will not introduce them one by one. If you want to learn more about the V-Ray's materials, I advise you to read the content of

Environment and Lighting

In outdoor scenes, I like to set up a basic render environment first, then add some auxiliary lights. In the very beginning, I wanted to create a backlighting scene, but then I got a problem that every backlighting scene has. Look at Fig.42 and you will see a bad dark area on the side of the car.


To avoid this problem, you can add a light in the real world, as shown in Fig.43.


But this is an artificial style. If you want a natural result, you need some other ways. CG is a way to create a hyper-real world; I will introduce this way later.

Now I will introduce you to IBL and HDRI loading - the core of environment setup.

Usually, I used Image-Based Lighting (IBL) to build the main environment. It's very easy to set a V-Ray IBL, which just adds a HDRI to a V-Ray dome light. I set the dome's multiplier to 1.0, which is a standard work habit. I also disabled the Affect Specular option, because I could use standard lights to control the specular manually, and this was faster and easier. Finally, I enabled the Spherical option to create a full spherical environment.

Compared with Vray GI override, IBL is a better choice if you don't have much bounce light, like with an outdoor car scene. It's easier to use and doesn't need many parameters to test, and it doesn't even need GI to lighten the whole scene.

Tips: Using a small and blur HDRI to light up a scene (reflection still needs alLarge HDRI) will reduce render time. But I didn't do this here because I didn't have the time and I was a bit lazy (Fig.44)!

Fig. 44

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Luiz Fernando Fonseca Pimentel on Tue, 11 February 2014 7:38pm
Hi. In help of 3dsmax is physically corrected scale like world is use inche in system units setup.
Marc on Tue, 24 September 2013 12:00pm
excellent tutorial, helped a lot!!
Abdools on Thu, 30 May 2013 3:26am
wow.. the Car modeling so complate, what about optimized? i mean need less polygon. cool tutorial thx..
3dcalsiver on Fri, 19 April 2013 1:14pm
Is there a video tutorial?
Prehistor on Sun, 03 March 2013 6:03pm
Excellent !!!!!!, this making of helped me a lot to complete my own project :D... thanks !
Energyzx on Sat, 02 March 2013 7:29am
wa !! coool !!! man!Really excellent work, Thanks for sharing
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