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Making Of 'Space Vagabond Scout Sniper Armor'

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Date Added: 29th October 2012
Hi there folks! This time I'll show you how I created one of my latest 3D characters, which was inspired by the great work of the concept artist Kai Lim (aka Ukitakumuki). You can see some of his work here: or

What inspired me to start this project was the unique style and design of the character. I thought it was very interesting and would be a personal challenge. I just needed to sculpt it and I hoped to do justice to the original design.

Translating the Concept into 3D

Sometimes it can be very hard to translate a concept into 3D. It helps if you focus your ideas on some of the main aspects to start the modeling process. Once you've found the basic silhouette, things start to look easier.

The character has stylish and futuristic - but very realistic - combat gear, and my aim was to make it look believable when sculpted, because the original artwork had this near-future vibe, but with a lot of real-life stuff. In some parts you can see the relation between our current technology and what's in the image. It's 20 years or so ahead of us and our soldiers will probably look like this one day. Since he's a sniper, he looks stealthy and I think the navy bluish coloring fits the style perfectly. His helmet reminds me of the design of the B-2 stealth bombers and the legs make me think about MGS soldiers. All of which makes for a pretty awesome combination of influences and an extremely inspiring concept.

Sculpting the Suit

The first thing I did was pay attention to the highlights of the concept artwork. I picked out the main aspects of the armor and the suit, and began to think about which parts would be hard surface modeling and which ones would be more organic.

The challenge this time was to keep the same design as the original concept. I started to sculpt the suit using a very simple base mesh (Fig.01) and divided it into three parts: head, eyes, hands and body.


The other parts I modeled separately. The helmet, cloak and some of the armor pieces were done using ZSpheres and primitive geometry, then the blocking stage was done in ZBrush After reaching a look that was close to the concept, I began to sculpt the details such as the metal parts of the helmet. I also had to make the hood and knife, packs, helmet lights/scanning system as separate tools (Fig.02).

Fig. 02

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