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Making Of 'The Destroyer'

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Date Added: 24th September 2012
Software used:

At this stage I started to integrate some textures to add detail to the robot and get some color variation. I used some mechanical element pictures, which I manipulated and distorted with level style like Screen, Multiply or Luminosity mode, and then with the transformation tools. With this trick Photoshop will keep all the details of the image you are manipulating without losing the information of the image below, which is really useful when you need textures.

Brushes will help you to push details of the textures forward, defining better light and shadow (Fig.04 - 07).

1598_tid_fig 4.jpg
Fig. 04
1598_tid_fig 5.jpg
Fig. 05

1598_tid_fig 6.jpg
Fig. 06

1598_tid_fig 7.jpg
Fig. 07

In the meanwhile I had to take care of the environment too. Adding simple elements like buildings and flying vehicles silhouettes gave the illusion of a city under siege. I needed to match the robot design with the design of the city's building, so I went for futuristic shapes. I used the Square brushes to define the basic shapes and then created interesting edges with the square Eraser tool (Fig.08).

1598_tid_fig 8.jpg
Fig. 08

Now it was time to add lights on the armor and on the legs of the machine. This is the step I love the most as working with lights bring your image to life! We should always be aware of the source and direction of light during the whole painting process. For that reason it is important to define principal lights sources in the early steps of the process and consider how different surfaces react to light. For example, shining surfaces or sharp one have completely different reactions (Fig.09).

1598_tid_fig 9.jpg

In the final steps, I did some post-work here and there. I added some dust to the finished buildings in the background. Then I used Curves to adjust the image colors to warm tones in order to obtain an oppressive and superheated atmosphere. I also brought up the light's incandescence and highlights, creating a black level and set it to Color Dodge mode. By choosing an airbrush tool and selecting a color you can influence the tone of the incandescence. In this case, I thought a warm color was appropriate.

By this point the light on the robot was making it stand out even more and the atmosphere seemed interesting to me as well. And with that the work was finished for me (Fig.10).

1598_tid_fig 10.jpg

I had a lot of fun creating this image, particularly because it was just a free expression of my imagination and a moment to paint and have fun with brushes.

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hi nice colors weather mix, and work thinking one word touch ...
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