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Making Of 'Rallypoint - Outer Rim'

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Date Added: 7th September 2012
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Welcome! My name is Tamás Gyermán and this is a short description about one of my images, Rallypoint - Outer Rim.

The inspiration for this image came from two great sci-fi films: Chronicles of Riddick and Homeworld. I tried to imagine how to create a sci-fi fleet that would suit the Necro Armada and the Turanic raiders. I wanted my fleet to look as if it was travelling across space and collecting what it finds, almost as if they were space pirates. Stargate also influenced my designs. When I had all of this in my mind I could start creating my fleet.

I wanted to create a group of images that showed the fleet in different environments, but unfortunately I didn't have time to complete the set. But I have created two images: Get my fleet off the orbit and this image, Rallypoint (Fig.01).



My starting point for this image was to, in general, think about standard space scenes. They usually contain star fields, clouds, nebulas, moons, stars, asteroids and, of course, starships!

Shapes and Design

My idea was to show a medium-sized ship, which was covered in lots of hard, connected plates and that had large, maneuverable engines. I wanted it to have powerful, but slow, weapons and to be well protected from above and from the side. I wanted the lower parts of the ship to show quite a lot of cables and technical elements as this would be the most vulnerable section. I created a rough base mesh from simple shapes and then started to bend things into the shape that I wanted. By adding arches and a bent surface it gave an ancient look to the ship (Fig.02).


Whilst creating this model I thought carefully about the overall scene. I wanted the scene to be set by a massive dark nebula deep in space, which could be a rally point for ships to go to. The overall idea is that this could be on the edge of a planet's space empire. The main elements of the scene are the space station and a massive dust cloud. The station is a 3D model and the dust cloud is a matte painting.

After I had created the model I thought about how I could make this model work in my scene. I needed to set up some good shaders, a good camera angle and lights. The approach I was using was to make the separate parts and then place them in the matte painted scene, which is a great technique to use if you don't have a very powerful PC.

Because the scene I had in mind was very wide, it meant that I needed to set up all the elements in a scene together to ensure that the lighting and perspective were consistent. I had to work out how I wanted the final scene to look and render the models with the correct perspective so that they could be composited later in Photoshop. This, however, meant that I could still render the models separately so they could be composited in Photoshop later (Fig.03).


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Lee on Mon, 10 September 2012 3:56pm
Nice models! I need some ships like this to compose with after effects and 3dsMax. Lovely!
MachineR on Mon, 10 September 2012 3:23pm
Nice!, thank u for this making off help me with some ideas i have in mind...
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