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Making Of 'Sniper'

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Date Added: 30th August 2012
Software used:


I then started to work on the background. My first idea was to paint a city on the horizon. I then changed my mind and went for a classic zigzag composition that gave the image depth and balance (Fig.06). The eye should go first to the face and then move side to side as you gaze down the image.


Character Detail

Now that I had set the tone for the character and put it into a believable scene, I started the detailing phase using Corel Painter. I particularly use the Scratchboard tool for this. I started to draw in the detail, zooming in and out often, because it is important to see and work the whole image at the same time (Fig.07 - 08).


Fig. 08


I applied textures to the character using Photoshop. The main texture is the desert camouflage on the uniform. I applied these textures in different layers set to Overlay blending mode with an opacity of 30%. I then applied dirt and damage textures to the boots and knees (Fig.09 - 10). I also obscured the arms and changed the color of the ammo pouches and the uniform with an ocher tone.


Fig. 10

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Glen D on Fri, 31 August 2012 12:13pm
Nice drawing. On his right knee pad the scratches don't match the angle of his knee pad. He is wearing too much gear for a sniper. His brown t-shirt around his neck has an odd angle compared to his body position. Gear in front looks great but if he is a sniper the blue light is a big target indicator. Think stealthy. Good luck.
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