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Making Of 'The Trials of Devotion'

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Date Added: 22nd June 2012
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Here is where things start to come together (Fig.05). The earlier stages are where I, as the artist, can see where things are going. This stage is where almost anyone can get a good idea of how things will turn out.


As the detail shot shows (Fig.06), my marks are still very loose when seen up close. And I'm ok with that. Not everything in a painting needs to be rendered to death. There's nothing wrong with leaving some obvious marks in your piece, so long as it's not distracting.


This is also around the time when I become more concerned with edges. How your different colors come together can radically change how forms are read, so don't disregard edges - they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Achieving a nice variety of edges can be extremely trying in digital media. I'm hesitant to recommend it, but I do use the Smudge tool here and there to arrive at my desired effect. Use the Smudge tool with caution, because it's a prevalent beginner's mistake to abuse it to death. It's better to have a piece with too many sharp edges that is bold and confident than one with too many soft edges that feels weak and hesitant.

The steps start to look more and more similar as I near completion. The changes are less bold and the marks smaller (Fig.07). Around this time I start to truly detail the piece. I zoom in and start to pick out areas to define and render. Even though things are looking more solid, as the detail shows I'm still leaving things vague in areas (Fig.08). Defining everything too thoroughly can, at times, lead to really stagnant work. Communicate what you want with your piece and then get out of there!



Final Image

To see more by Noah Bradley, check out Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Sunny D. on Sat, 17 August 2013 7:22pm
This was very helpful. Thanks for showing a complete work-through of your process. I was trying to wean myself off strictly lineart-ing, and this showed me a workaround that produced a nice looking picture. THANKS!
Kherr on Fri, 17 August 2012 5:03pm
Really great tutorial! A few tips or suggestions on details and stuff would be pretty cool. Thanks for posting!
B. Simpson on Tue, 03 July 2012 3:13pm
Great work, great tutorial. Although it may be inaccurate calling it a tutorial, it is far more valuable than that. You teach very reasonable, easy to remember principles of digital media. Props to you! :)
Bijutoha on Tue, 26 June 2012 4:29am
Awesome work , but it is impossible to make from your tutorial , i think you should give a details system or video tutorial . Please if would be then email me . Thanks for your patience
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