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Making Of 'Jester'

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Date Added: 1st June 2012
Software used:
Jester is a personal project that I started five months ago. I wanted to create an ambiguous character that was colorful, fun and light-hearted. However I also wanted the image to have slightly creepy overtones. The overall aim was to make the viewer feel slightly uncomfortable, without it being too obvious. Among my numerous references, the Joker from the Batman series and the film Clockwork Orange were the ones that stood out the most.


The modeling stage was mainly done in ZBrush 4. I started by working on the face as I knew that this is where most of the creepiness would come from. The creepiness was particularly portrayed in the jester's eyes. After the face was modeled I made it asymmetrical and decided that I wanted the jester to be looking up at the camera, which would be in an elevated position.

I then moved onto the body, which I made quickly from an old base mesh to establish the proportions. I didn't spend too much time on this, but I still wanted an accurate mannequin that I could add clothes to without too much trouble. It was also important to make sure that the pose meant that there would be plenty of places where the jester's clothing could hang. I wanted him to look as if he was bowing forward a bit, as if he was an old man. The general rule of thumb that I use when modeling is that if something is made of separate pieces in real life they should be separate subtools in ZBrush. I applied this principle for this model as it made things more manageable and gave me more freedom.

When I got to the detailing stage I had to divide my scene into multiple sub-scenes as the polycount quickly raised up to over 100 million. All the fabric patterns where either stamped from custom created alphas, or created through inflating a mask (Import texture > Mask from intensity > Deformation > Inflate). The Roll options were also used to create some of the custom trim patterns on the shirt and pants (Fig.01).


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