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Making Of 'Marcus'

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Date Added: 4th January 2011
Software used:


Hello my name is Andrea Bruschi and I am an Italian self-taught artist. I am currently looking for a job so I appeal to the public to take advantage of this Making Of!

I don't pretend to teach anything with this article. It simply contains some of my thoughts about how to build a character and looks at ideas and comments that arose during the creation process.  Because almost everyone knows about workflows, techniques etc., I will try to break the mould by specifically focusing on developing a character. I think the article will be of most use to those who are taking their first artistic steps and trying to make their first characters, and I hope this will help you on your artistic path.


Marcus has been developed for Contagion, a survival horror game. I was given the specifications to follow by the concept artist Sam Ireland:- (Fig.01 - 02).

Fig. 01

Fig. 02


The tris budget had been fixed to 9k and 1024px for texture resolution. Usually when I have to create a standard human character, I start to sculpt using a template to speed up the workflow. In this way the work becomes interesting and funny immediately, letting me leave the boring phase of translating the vertices for the future.

My preferred template is one made by Nick Zuccarello. It is downloadable from here: The workflow that I prefer to follow is to sculpt every part of the model and then make a retopology with 3d Studio Max.

Here is the mesh template (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Ahmad Hossain on Thu, 13 September 2012 4:49am
your performance is nice but your describing method to teach is so bad that a learner may not expect from you. i wanna see your tutorial to learn how to make cloth but you don
NickZ. :) on Sat, 17 March 2012 9:49pm
So cool to see what you a have done here with the mesh. Beautiful work! Peace-NickZ. :)
Naveen on Wed, 15 June 2011 10:00am
what is this i want tutorials. i am not come on this site for watch these picturs.
Vishnu Jayaraj on Fri, 11 February 2011 3:26am
i want tutorial of 3d studio max full version .rate range 3000 .including contants is animation rigging modeling,bone setting,max script
Munkybutt's Avatar
RKanyama (Forums) on Wed, 05 January 2011 2:34am
If you have a problem with the base mesh mentioned in this tutorial, uncheck, "Colorize" in the Polypaint section within ZBrush 4.Found this out via the thread on [URL=""]ZBrush Central[/URL].
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