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Making Of 'Trooper'

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Date Added: 30th April 2012
Software used:


The final presentation is a very important point of any work, and can help to add realism to a character. First I sharpened the image in Photoshop (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen) and this instantly increased all the details in the scene. Then I simulated the chromatic aberration, which is a common optical problem that occurs when a lens is either unable to bring all the wavelengths of color to the same focal plane, or when wavelengths of color are focused at different positions in the focal plane. This "problem" can be simulated in Photoshop using lens correction (Filters > Lens Correction). I changed the parameters under the chromatic aberration settings to get that color variation (Fig.08).


Finally I added some noise (around 1-3 px) and a color correction with levels to change the atmosphere in the scene. Here's the final image (Fig.09).



The hardest part of this project was the modeling. Modeling everything in Maya without the help of ZBrush was sometimes tedious, but in general it was fun and I really enjoyed working on this character. I hope this Making Of has been useful and thank you for having taken the time to read it. If you have any questions then please email me.

To see more by Renato Gonzalez Aguilante, check out Digital Art Masters: Volume 8
and Digital Art Masters: Volume 9

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Faiz Ahmed on Sat, 29 March 2014 6:18pm
Wow! Just amazing man. Can you please give us a full tutorial on how you made everything else. Or can you upload the 3d model .obj file. Tutorial will be great. Please.
Ash on Mon, 11 March 2013 8:04pm
great work! how did you create and illuminate the red material?
Carla on Tue, 01 May 2012 4:32am
Wow u r amazing! i want to kiss you!
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