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Making Of 'Black Wires'

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Date Added: 20th March 2012
Software used:


This image started as part of a freelance job that required still images of some girls and guys in different outfits for different environments.

Once the job was completed, and since I wasn't satisfied with the light, materials and textures in the project due the tight schedule I had, I decided to rework all of it and in some cases re-do some clothing from scratch. I love pin-up art and cartoons, so it was a good opportunity to create a new series.


Instead of wasting time cleaning old models I modeled a whole new character from scratch, keeping the cartoony proportions such as the big head, thin and long legs and big eyes. The main point was to get a cute cartoony yet sexy girl. Regarding heads/faces I usually start from a plane and keep extruding edges to get the main poly flow structure and a decent dense mesh suitable for different facial expressions (Fig.01).


The torso, arms and legs were modeled from a cylinder, blocking the main volumes and then adding more geometry to work with to define specific areas such as the shoulders, neck, elbows, knees etc (Fig.02 - 04).




The strands of hair were modeled entirely from a plane. Once I have the basic shape I use tools like the Insert Edge Loop and Transform to create and move the new geometry along its normal's and simulate rough hair fibers (Fig.05 - 07).




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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Sandra on Sun, 24 April 2016 3:14am
Is it helpful, useful step in making the shoes to model the feet first?
Nina on Wed, 06 May 2015 12:47pm
Hello Carlos where you learn to do these beautiful models :) ?
Pete on Mon, 06 January 2014 2:40am
amazing model has great character to it, just had one question, any chance you could run through how you created the eyes???
Milad on Mon, 02 September 2013 7:54am
Man i love this character,really beautiful and very well done...bravo!
Carlos Ortega on Sat, 31 March 2012 3:01am
Hey thanks for the words guys! I used a layered shader at first but it made no big difference so I ended up using a standard maya shader applied just on the legs geometry. For the stockings I created a tiled pattern and a second UV set just for the legs to avoid visible seams and get the stretchy look in the wider areas of the legs.
Saman Kazemi on Wed, 21 March 2012 9:47pm
Excellent tutorial thank you ! And I too am wondering how you made the stockings, did you used a layered-shader? Because I can't get any SSS to work with the layered shader. Anyway, great work, love the stylistic look!
Daryl on Tue, 20 March 2012 5:30pm
That's a very pretty model and thanks for the tutorial. I have one question about the texture. How do you make the stockings and apply it to the leg?
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